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    Peter E. Schnaitman



    Before joining Hunt Ortmann, Peter Schnaitman practiced with various firms and had his own practice as well.  For many years, Mr. Schnaitman served as primary counsel for a manufacturing company. In that capacity, Mr. Schnaitman litigated a variety of matters, directing and overseeing the work of various local counsel, and also provided core legal support counseling to the company on contracting, bidding, employment, intellectual property, technology, supply-chain issues, pre-suit claim handling, insurance and matters involving federal and state regulatory compliance. 

    Mr. Schnaitman has represented universities, public entities, telecommunications firms, drug companies, religious organizations, automotive companies, hospitals, chemical companies, product manufacturers and various Fortune 500 companies in a wide variety of legal matters. Mr. Schnaitman has extensive experience structuring and drafting commercial agreements and other contractual arrangements. Mr. Schnaitman’s experience has provided him with the ability to quickly and effectively analyze legal issues and prepare a course of effective and efficient resolution.  His representative matters have involved litigation in forums throughout the country and have included multi-district litigations and coordinated and class proceedings through trial, verdict, and appeal.

    Mr. Schnaitman is admitted to practice before the state and federal courts of California and Ohio.