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    Construction Disputes & Litigation

    When you are facing a construction dispute or construction litigation, it is essential to have experienced legal counsel handling your case. Our lawyers have been representing clients in construction disputes and litigation for decades, and we are widely recognized as authorities on California construction law.

    We will handle your case from start to finish, conducting investigations and depositions, seeking alternative dispute resolution options to allow your business to resolve the dispute in a timely and cost-effective fashion, and moving on to litigation only when it is necessary.

    We have a team of award-winning construction law attorneys who will carefully consider your needs and will develop a strategy that focuses on the facts of the case. We routinely assist with payment remedies, contract disputes, and construction defect claims.

    Individuals living in the Los Angeles area can contact our construction attorneys today to learn more about our law expertise. We will gladly assist you with any complex legal situations and help you find the best solutions for any dispute.