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    Hunt Ortmann provides clients with a full range of insurance consulting and litigation services, from counseling regarding the application and scope of insurance policies to all types of claims, including policy interpretation and analysis of obligations, duties, rights and remedies of the parties. Our Insurance Law Group is well-versed to handle all types of insurance disputes, including breach of contract, declaratory relief, contribution, and bad faith lawsuits. We also have significant experience representing clients in all forms of alternative dispute resolution: mediation, fee arbitration, and court-ordered settlement processes. Hunt Ortmann combines its broad experience in construction and business law with superior strategic analysis to effectively monitor the role of insurance in all types of litigation. This combination gives us a unique perspective that we use to our clients’ advantage in various types of proceedings.

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    Practice Areas

    • Claims Analysis and Monitoring
    • Coverage Opinions
    • Tenders of Defense
    • Allocation/Contribution
    • Declaratory Relief
    • Contribution Among Insurers
    • Breach of Contract and Bad Faith Litigation
    • Fee Arbitrations
    • Reformation/Underwriting Issues


    • Construction Claims
    • Cyber Liability Claims
    • Directors and Officers Claims
    • Employment Claims
    • Environmental Claims
    • Errors and Omissions Claims
    • General Liability Claims

    Additional Information

    Insurance Claims Analysis, Monitoring and Policy Interpretation

    Coverage and Bad Faith Litigation

    Defense and Indemnity Issues


    Our dedicated insurance law attorneys provide assistance with a range of legal matters, including claims analysis, coverage issues, and bad faith litigation.