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    Hunt Ortmann Attorney Victoria Garcia Elected To City Council

    Hunt Ortmann Palffy Nieves Darling & Mah, Inc. is proud to announce that one of its own, attorney Victoria Garcia, was recently certified as being elected to the San Fernando City Council for a Special Election that was held on March 5, 2024.  Ms. Garcia’s victory came against a former 3-term Councilmember and Mayor who had been endorsed by her Congressman.

    Prior to the Special Election, Ms. Garcia served as a Transportation and Public Safety Commissioner for the City of San Fernando as well as having served in the Community Advisory Committee for the City’s Housing Element. Ms. Garcia also served as a representative for the City of San Fernando to the San Fernando Valley Council of Government’s Transportation Mobility Academy.

    Ms. Garcia has made her top priorities on the San Fernando City Council as 1) public safety, 2) streets, sidewalks, and speeding, 3) a thriving downtown, and more!

    In addition to her political successes, Victoria has been a part of Hunt Ortmann’s construction and employment practice groups. Her sophistication as an attorney is demonstrated by her dedication to client service and excellent results.

    Hunt Ortmann whole-heartedly supports and congratulates Victoria on her outstanding achievement!