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Webinar 12/10/15: California Mechanic’s Liens, Stop Payment Notices And Bond Claims

November 24, 2015

Get Paid: Mechanic’s Liens, Stop Payment Notices, and Payment Bond Claims
December 10th, 2015 – 10:00 am – 11:30 am

This course will provide you with a detailed description of all the remedies that are available for contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and other entities on private works and public works.  You will learn all the steps that must be taken to perfect your mechanic’s lien, stop payment notice and payment bond rights.  The defense that owners may assert will also be discussed.  Topics covered include:

  • Types of Remedies Available
  • Key Terms
  • Overview of Recent Changes to the Lien Law
  • Procedural requirements for Mechanics’ Liens & Stop Payment Notices
  • Possible claimants for Mechanic’s Liens and Stop Payment Notices
  • Statutory time limits for Mechanic’s Liens, Stop Payment Notices and Payment Bonds
  • Procedural requirements for payment and performance bond claims
  • Priorities for recovery of Mechanic’s Liens and Stop Payment Notices
  • Lien releases

Benefits for Attending:

When you perform work, it is only right that you get paid! This webinar will help you understand how to use mechanic’s liens, stop notices, and bonds to protect your rights and make sure you get paid. The discussion identifies the proper documents to use, the timelines in which to use them, and to whom the documents must be provided. Attendees will also be given tips on how to increase your chance for success in the foreclosure and litigation of mechanic’s liens, stop notices and payment bonds.

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