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    Nieves Co-Chair of Fresno State Capital Campaign

    As Co-Chair of the Fresno State Capital Campaign, Omel Nieves was an integral part in aiding Fresno State exceeding its fundraising goal of $200 million.

    In 2005 Fresno State began the quiet phase of its first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign. The goal was simple, to leverage the power of philanthropy to transform Fresno State from a good University to a great University. In the spring of 2009 Fresno State announced its campaign goal of $200 million. It was an ambitious goal, particularly in light of the uncertain economic conditions that defined those years. At the same time Fresno State announced that Omel Nieves and Dennis Woods would Co-Chair the campaign for the University. On April 2013, Omel Nieves and Dennis Woodson officially announced that the campaign raised $214,222,190. The gifts received by the University will go to scholarships, professorships, educational programs, research programs and facilities.

    Dr. John Welty, the President of Fresno State, said at a recent news conference that, “It’s an incredible success. It demonstrates that thousands of people and organizations are willing to invest in the University and the future of the students today and for years to come.” Omel Nieves’ participation was recognized at Dr. Welty’s recent retirement dinner with over 900 attendees.

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