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    Hunt Ortmann Webinar: Construction Law Update

    January 29, 2018

    Stay up-to date on the latest developments in construction law.

    Presented by John D. Darling and Carlo Paciulli. Develop a solid understanding of differing site conditions and learn to spot issues involving the changes provision. This topic will also educate you about intricacies of liquidated damages, actual damages, and contractor licensing, especially the significant legal problems of doing work as an unlicensed contractor. Learn to avoid licensure problems. Understand what indemnity is, how it works, the specific issues that could affect you and your business, and negotiating strategies to limit your indemnity exposure. This content will cover issues with the implied warranty that accompanies plans and specifications issued by an owner both in private and public works. Learn how this implied warranty can support a claim for damages and what obligations arise during the bidding period to seek owner clarification of the construction documents.

    Learning Objectives

    • You will be able to identify recovery of interest on public works claims.
    • You will be able to recognize scheduling and delay claims.
    • You will be able to discuss new developments.
    • You will be able to explain the Spearin Doctrine

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