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    Non-Profits Protecting Youth: Assembly Bill 506 Does Just That

    California’s Assembly Bill 506 (AB506) carries significant implications for many organizations, particularly those serving youth. Under AB506, individuals applying for positions within youth-serving organizations are mandated to undergo comprehensive background checks. Additionally, staff members and regular volunteers with direct contact with children must complete mandated reporter training to recognize and respond appropriately to suspicions of child abuse and neglect. Moreover, AB506 mandates that organizations establish clear policies regarding reporting suspected abuse and ensure the presence of at least two mandated reporters during interactions with children.

    Insurance companies are empowered by this law to verify compliance with these regulations, thereby reducing risks for all parties involved. To meet the mandated reporter training requirement, organizations can leverage the online training provided by the Office of Child Abuse Prevention on the State Department of Social Services website. This platform offers numerous benefits, including streamlined management and verification of training completion.

    Please be assured that you can place your full trust in the expertise and dedication of Hunt Ortmann to guide you through these legal complexities. Whether you require assistance with policy development (such as a child protection policy), non-profit law compliance, preventative employment law measures (including employee handbook development), employment law litigation, or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Employment Law Group.

    Emily G. Sugarman is an associate with Hunt Ortmann Palffy Nieves Darling & Mah, Inc. Ms. Sugarman practices employment and labor law, helping businesses and non-profits with their employment litigation and transactional needs.


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