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    Lorman Education Services Live Webinar: California Mechanic’s Liens, Stop Payment Notices And Payment Bond Claims

    March 28, 2018

    Learn The Ins And Outs Of California Mechanic’s Liens To Ensure You Get Paid

    Presented by Omel A. Nieves. This topic will provide you with a detailed description of all the remedies that are available for contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and other entities on private works and public works. You will learn all the steps that must be taken to perfect your mechanic’s lien, stop payment notice and payment bond rights. The defense that owners may assert will also be discussed.

    Learning Objectives:

    – You will be able to define key terms.

    – You will be able to identify procedural requirements for mechanics’ liens and stop notices.

    – You will be able to explain recent changes to the lien law.

    – You will be able to review types of remedies available.

    To view presentation click here.