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301 North Lake Ave.
7th Floor
Pasadena, CA 91101


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    Lee K. Noller

    Client Engagement & Marketing Coordinator


    Lee Noller is the coordinator of client engagement and marketing for Hunt Ortmann. As part of the firm’s client engagement activities, Mr. Noller communicates with prospective clients regarding the nature of their potential engagement with the firm and prepares the prospective client information for presentation to Hunt Ortmann’s Board.  Mr. Noller also coordinates the conflict check procedures and preparation of retainer agreements as part of the firm’s client engagement and intake process. Mr. Noller works with the Hunt Ortmann Board regarding the preparation of updates on firm news and publications, legal updates, and promoting Hunt Ortmann’s brand with marketing opportunities through the firm’s website and other social media outlets. He also coordinates Hunt Ortmann’s electronic docketing and calendaring system. Mr. Noller’s background comprises of over 35 years of law firm related experience in office management and administration, information management, and paralegal roles.