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    Charles D. L. James



    Charles D.L. James is an associate attorney with the Pasadena based law firm Hunt, Ortmann, Palffy, Nieves, Darling & Mah, Inc.  Mr. James specializes in construction litigation, real estate, and business law.  Mr. James represents general contractors, subcontractors, developers, public works contractors, investors, and homeowner associations.

    Prior to joining Hunt Ortmann, Mr. James was a developer, general contractor, and concrete specialty subcontractor.  He has been in the construction industry for more than 20 years.  Mr. James started as a laborer in the construction industry and worked his way up to becoming a licensed California general contractor and currently holds a contractor’s license today.  Mr. James has been dedicated to the construction industry since his youth when he began collaborating with his grandfather on construction projects, and he continues to dedicate his life’s work toward collaborating with clients in the construction industry.

    Mr. James’ firsthand knowledge helps him to understand the needs of his clients from an inside perspective.  Mr. James has experience reading blueprints, understanding change orders, solving construction defects, and has a host of building skills that assist his clients in resolving issues in an expedient manner.  He also has the ability to assist his clients in the organization of their business.  Mr. James took the handyperson business from humble beginnings to being a multimillion-dollar business in just a few years.

    Mr. James is also a businessperson with experience in the restaurant industry.  He built, owned, and operated a “Fatburger”, an international restaurant.  Mr. James understands business from an owner’s perspective, and infuses this knowledge into the legal advice he provides his clients.  Mr. James is fully invested in assisting his clients in protecting and growing their business.

    Mr. James is an Army veteran who served in the Army National Guard. His family has over 150 years of military service, and his father, who served in the Air Force, taught him that duty and service to your country is an honor.

    Mr. James was an NCAA football player and learned from some of the best leaders in the country.  He projects that leadership into his business, law practice, and daily living.

    Mr. James also works with “My Friends House” to assist with the homeless population in downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.