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CAP Program Attends ‘Women En Mass’ Event – Aspen, CO


Nick Santoro

The world has changed a lot for women in America over the last hundred years. But, there’s still more work to be done. That’s why Andrus Hood & Wagstaff has put together the first ever mass tort retreat just for women. It’s a chance for attorneys who are women to come together and talk about the issues that affect women, from the boardroom to the courtroom. It’s a chance to bond with some of the country’s best mass tort attorneys, create new relationships while fostering old ones. And it’s a chance to come up with solutions that can make a difference in women’s lives everywhere. The first ever Mass Tort Retreat exclusively for women is going to address issues most important to women in the legal profession.

In an effort to market the CAP Program, gain exposure and add to our class inventory, Katie Odenbreit, Alison Gibbs and Tina Nieves attended this conference on Mass Torts in Aspen Colorado on March 4th and 5th. In addition, Tina Nieves has been asked to speak at the next Women En Mass event.

For more information regarding Women En Mass, please click the link below.

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