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Hunt Ortmann is one of the foremost authorities on California construction law, contracts, dispute resolution and litigation offering additional legal services in the areas of business and commercial law, employment matters and labor law compliance, real estate, insurance and suretyship.

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12/06/2019 NEW CALIFORNIA LAWS IMPACTING EMPLOYERS-Part 1 of a 3-part Series

08/14/2019  (Care),Custody, (and Control) Battles in Construction: The McMillin Decision and Its Insurance Implications
07/17/2019 Client Alert: Is it Time to Update Your Arbitration Agreement?
05/1/2019 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti unveils 2019 Sustainable City pLAn
04/11/2019 New California Insurance Laws 2019
01/30/2019 What’s Fair Is Fair: Court Of Appeal Affirms Order Granting Insurers’ Motion To Vacate Default Judgement Against Insured Based On Equitable Grounds
01/22/2019 Due Process For Subcontractors On Public Works Projects: Let The Agencies Decide!
01/09/2019 New California Employment Laws 2019-Part III
11/28/2018 New California Employment Laws 2019 – Part II
11/14/2018 New California Laws Impacting Employers – Three Part Series
11/08/2018 Buckle Up, Contractors: CSLB Disciplinary Procedures Must Be Completed Before Seeking The Court’s Assistance
10/25/2018 Ninth Circuit Orders Individual Arbitration of Uber Class Actions Under Epic Systems
10/11/2018 ALLIED CONCRETE REVERSED: Ninth Circuit Finds Statute Extending Prevailing Wage Laws to Ready-Mix Concrete Drivers Is Conditional
09/21/2018 Heat Pumps Are The New Solar Panels: California to Help Spur Development and Market Growth of High Efficiency Building Heating Technology
07/19/2018 Employers, Rejoice: Class Action Waivers in Arbitration Agreements Are Enforceable!
06/12/2018 Stay Your Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure Action – Or Waive Arbitration Rights On All Your Claims
06/07/2018 No Liberty For Insurers – Negligent Hiring And Supervision Invokes Coverage
5/31/20108 As Water Districts Are Held Not Liable For Copper Pipe Pinhole Leaks, Homeowners And Their Attorneys Must Reevaluate The Liability
05/24/2018 California Supreme Court Announces New “ABC” Test For Independent Contractors
05/18/2018 Here Comes the Sun: California Becomes First State to Require Solar Panels
05/16/2018 Not Just Any Dispute: The California Supreme Court Instructs On Withholding Retention
05/10/2018 Love Don’t Cost a Thing (But Arbitration Does)
02/27/2018 Federal Court Rules That GrubHub Drivers Are Independent Contractors
01/31/2018 Buried Claims Can Be Covered Claims – An Insurer’s Duty to Defend Employment Claims is Broad!
01/30/2018 From Clear As Mud to Clear As Day: California Supreme Court Confirms that Right to Repair Act Is Exclusive Remedy for Construction Defect Claims
01/08/2018 2017 Employment Law Round-Up – What Employers Need to Know Going Forward
12/20/2017 Going Once…Going Twice…Sold to the Greenest Bidder! New California Law Requires Contractors to Use Green Materials on Certain State Projects
07/14/2017 Hold On Tight: California Supreme Court Gives Employees A Big PAGA Win On Class Action Type Wages And Hour Claims
04/25/2017 Providing Notice of a Claim to Your Insurer
04/12/2017 Not An All-Or-Nothing Proposition Active Negligence May Not Preclude Indemnity Rights
04/06/2017 Early Win for Ready-Mix Concrete Drivers in Ongoing AB 219 Battle
03/09/2017 The Byzantine “Right to Repair Act” Has Another Day in Court
03/01/2017 Close But No Cigar: Supreme Court Rejects Civil Liability to Unsuccessful Bidders of Public Works Projects
01/02/2017 California Employment Laws in 2017

06/02/2016 To Withhold or Not to Withhold: That Is The Question To Avoid Prompt Payment Penalties
04/18/2016 Avoiding Prompt Payment Penalties Just Got A Little Harder
02/17/2016 Serving Your 20-Day Preliminary Notice- Court Finds There Is (A Little) Room For Error
02/04/2016 We Like Ike!: California Permits Use Of The Eichleay Formula
11/03/2015 What’s Fair Is Fair- No Attorney’s Fees for Victor
09/29/2015 Contractors And Owners Both Win With Right to Repair Act
08/28/2015 Mind Your Ps and Qs- Owner’s Own Statements Hand Rare Victory to “Unlicensed” Contractor
01/08/2015 Add Another Log to the Fire- New Decision Burns General Contractor
12/11/2014 Are You On The List? Mandatory Registration For Public Works Contracts
09/23/2014 Stop Payment Notice Claimants Beware! Read Full Opinion Here
03/12/2014 The Right to Repair Act: It’s Your Choice
03/14/2013 Nowhere To Run To, Baby: Arbitration Is Nowhere To Hide For Unlicensed Contractors
01/08/2013 The High Price of Being An Unlicensed Contractor
10/18/2012 Subcontractors Rejoice! Legislature Bans Type 1 Indemnity Clauses
09/18/2012 Is It A Public Or Private Job?
09/13/2012 Stop, Look, and… READ! Don’t Sign That Subcontract Just Yet
07/02/2012 New Waiver And Release Forms: What The Heck Is A Through Date?
06/29/2012 You Served The Preliminary Notice: Now Prove It
06/26/2012 To Serve and Protect Your Rights – Use The New Preliminary Notice Form
06/20/2012 Preliminary Notice Form: Use It Or Lose It! (Your Mechanic’s Lien Rights, That Is)
05/24/2012 You Can Never Serve Too Many Preliminary Notices
05/01/2012 Attorney’s Fees- Bonded Stop Notices and Mechanic’s Liens
04/05/2012 Can A Public Agency Recover Attorney’s Fees Defending A Stop Notice Claim?
03/23/2012 New Laws Affecting Public Works Construction: Are They Good For California?
02/22/2012 The Owner is Bankrupt? Record Your Mechanic’s Lien Anyway!
11/18/2011 Public Entities: No Guarantee of Full Payment
10/11/2011 It’s A Tough Job But Everyone Wants To Do It: Bidding On Public Works Projects
10/11/2011 Give Proper Notice!
09/15/2011 UC Campuses Adopt Best Value Contracting Pilot Program
08/17/2011 Public Or Private, Which One Is It?
08/03/2011 In Default- But Not Dead
07/05/2011 Smart Girls Featured on Cover of Image Magazine
06/22/2011 Contractors: Your Name Could Make the Difference
06/17/2011 Where Do I File My Bid Protest?
06/10/2011 SCCA Magazine- What to do About Cost Escalation?
06/06/2011 Smart Girls Selvaggio and Smith Featured in Daily Journal
06/01/2011 Who’s Holding The Bag When We Are All Holding Hands? Risk Allocation In The Age Of Collaborative Contracting
04/02/2011 Nieves Featured in Pasadena Star News
03/01/2011 2011- A Time for Action
02/02/2011 Cal Green- California Adopts Statewide Green Building Code
01/18/2011 Smarter Than Your Average Bear
01/14/2011 Public Owner Beware: The “Meaning” of Your Dispute Resolution Provisions May Surprise You
01/04/2011 Contractor License Law- The Shield and The Sword
11/15/2010 Don’t Get “Got”- Performance Bond Terms Are Contract Terms Too!
10/20/2010 Looking Out For Number One: Safeguarding Lien Rights When Construction Loans Collapse
10/20/2010 Heads Up! New Mechanic’s Lien Law in Effect 1.1.2011
10/08/2010 Even When You Are Wrong, You May Be Right: Your Stop Notice is Not Necessarily Invalid
09/08/2010 Responsible v. Responsive Bidders: There’s a Big Difference!
08/26/2010 Change Orders Aren’t Free: Guidelines to Getting Paid
10/01/2009 HuntLaw – 2008 Volume – Issue 1
10/01/2009 HuntLaw – 2008 Volume – Issue 2
10/01/2009 HuntLaw – 2009 Volume – Issue 1

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