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Los Angeles Construction Substitutions Attorney

During the course of large public works projects, issues often arise when specific subcontractors, which were previously approved by the owner for use in the project, are no longer available or capable of performing the work.  The Los Angeles Construction Substitution Attorneys of Hunt Ortmann can assist owners and general contractors alike in handling contractual substitutions for replacing original subcontractors with acceptable alternatives, and in defending or prosecuting claims regarding inappropriate substitutions.  In the event of a dispute regarding work performed by substitutes, we have experience in successfully navigating the contractual issues and ensuring that our clients get full compensation for work performed by substitutes.

Similarly, materials and equipment specified for public works projects, which often involve lengthy design lead times, are sometimes unavailable by the time construction commences and materials are ordered.  Substituting alternate products can be difficult as construction contracts generally specify that the substitute to be “equal or better” to that specified.  Disputes sometimes arise after the fact, during final inspection, as to whether the substitution satisfies contract requirements, at a point when it is prohibitively expensive to replace or correct the disputed substitute.  We have successfully represented numerous contractors in resolving disputes regarding substitute materials and equipment, and have defended related breach of contract claims.

Handling a situation involving a construction substitution, whether it be for subcontractors or materials used, can be a difficult situation to manage. Contact the Los Angeles Construction Lawyers of Hunt Ortmann today to get the help you need.

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