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Los Angeles Public Entity Representation Lawyer

The Los Angeles Public Entity Representation Lawyers of Hunt Ortmann are adept at representing public owners who are involved in large scale works of improvement –  and have represented a diverse range of public entities, including without limitation, cities; counties; school and water districts; and airport, port and utility authorities.


The thicket of existing federal, state, and local laws and regulations can bog down the drafting of contract documents for public works projects. Regardless of the project delivery system chosen, Hunt Ortmann’s experienced attorneys can guide public entities through the maze of laws and regulations and provide valuable insight into the drafting process, and suggest appropriate contract language that best serves public entities.


When it comes to disputes over public works projects, over the years, Hunt Ortmann’s attorneys have handled every imaginable claim. We have successfully defended and prosecuted countless claims on behalf of public entities, and have the breadth of experience necessary to quickly analyze complicated projects involving multiple parties and numerous claims, and to effectively prepare and execute a litigation plan that will resolve our clients’ disputes efficiently.


Hunt Ortmann’s attorneys understand that public works projects have become even more competitive as more and new contractors are looking to enter this arena – and not all of them are up to the challenge. Debarment proceedings are serious business and aim to remove the truly unqualified from the ever-growing pool of bidders on public works. Because of the serious nature of the proceedings and the increased competition for obtaining pre-approval or pre-qualification for bidding on public works, contractors are more aggressive about fighting debarment proceedings. Hunt Ortmann counsels public entities throughout the entire debarment proceedings to ensure that all contractors are provided a fair and balanced hearing while protecting the public agencies from unqualified and untrustworthy contractors.

Contact the Los Angeles Construction Attorneys at Hunt Ortmann today if you’re in need of legal aid in regards to public entity representation.

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