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    Drafting / Negotiation / Procurement / Review of Contracts


    The process of getting final final executed contract documents can be an arduous one, filled with issues that can derail the construction project before ground ever gets broken. Hunt Ortmann’s construction lawyers know that every project has its own unique issues, and every owner, builder, and trade carries varying degrees of experience and expertise, and can use differing degrees of support in the days, weeks, and months before work starts. We help our clients at any stage of the process: from recommending general contract provisions, to drafting specific clauses tailored to their needs, to reviewing and editing of proposals and draft contracts. Our board certified construction lawyers understand that in construction contracts, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We help our clients avoid the pitfalls associated with poorly written contract documents by counseling them through the negotiation, drafting and review of agreements for lump sum contracts, guaranteed maximum price contracts and cost plus contracts. We also support our clients in preparing contract documents for use in the projects which are based on various project delivery methods, including design-bid-build or construction manager at risk as well as those for projects using an integrated project delivery method like design-build.


    Our California construction attorneys are here to help with issues related to drafting, negotiation, procurement, and review of contracts.