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    Hunt Ortmann Wins Significant Prevailing Wage Claim Reduction For Pasadena Contractor

    Hunt Ortmann Wins Significant Prevailing Wage Claim Reduction for

    Pasadena Contractor

    LOS ANGELES – Hunt Ortmann senior counsel, Emily A. Kromke recently obtained a ninety-five percent (95%) reduction on a Civil Wage and Penalty Assessment issued by California’s Department of Industrial Relations on behalf of her client Young and Associates, Inc. The DLSE agreed to reduce wages owed from $601,886.04 to $13,148.57 and to reduce penalties to less than ten percent of that originally assessed. In total due to Ms. Kromke’s efforts the DLSE reduced its Assessment from an initial value of $960,826.04 to a final settlement amount of $43,457.45.

    Young and Associates, Inc. is a Pasadena contractor specializing in sewer, storm drain and pipeline projects since 1962.                                                                      

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