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    Hunt Ortmann Scores Favorable Negotiation For Local Sub-Contractor

    Hunt Ortmann Scores Favorable Negotiation for Local Sub-Contractor

     LOS ANGELES – Hunt Ortmann attorneys JoLynn Scharrer and Peter Ryan reached a favorable settlement for J&C Underground, a general engineering contractor operating as a subcontractor on a public works project. The scope of work involved the installation of underground piping at a state property over the course of several years. The project had ended abruptly due to design issues that prevented completion. The prime contractor attempted to capitalize on the disorderly end to the work by refusing to pay its subcontractors – including J&C Underground who was owed sums both for underlying contract work and change orders. Hunt Ortmann stepped in to establish the amounts due and to make clear that J&C Underground would not be bullied. After the prime contractor disregarded J&C Underground’s analysis and good faith attempt to reach a resolution, Hunt Ortmann assisted J&C Underground in filing a lawsuit to recover the balance outstanding. The prime contractor responded with a cross-complaint asserting disingenuous claims for delay and purportedly defective work.  But Hunt Ortmann quickly dismantled the prime contractor’s claims through discovery and negotiated a settlement recovering 92% of the balance.

    “The Offices of Hunt Ortmann Palffy Nieves Darling & Mah, specifically JoLynn Scharrer and Peter Ryan have an unwavering strength,” said Claudia Nerey of J&C Underground.  She continued, “They took on a case that other offices shielded away from knowing our opposition.  They commanded with an incessant voice when we had exhausted ours.  It was because of them that we were able to negotiate a significant recovery on a complicated and drawn-out contract dispute without the need to engage in years of litigation. They were always responsive, meticulously prepared and professional.  We will continue to utilize their services and recommend them.”                                                                     

    About Hunt Ortmann Palffy Nieves Darling & Mah, Inc.

    Based in Pasadena, Calif., Hunt Ortmann is one of the foremost authorities on California construction law, contracts, dispute resolution and litigation. In addition, the firm offers a host of complementary legal and business services aimed at assisting clients with employment and labor counseling, insurance, real estate and other commercial issues. For nearly five decades, Hunt Ortmann’s team has applied their multi-faceted understanding of the construction space and related industries on behalf of clients that include developers, general contractors, subcontractors and materials suppliers, as well as public and municipal entities, among others.


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