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    Hunt Ortmann Attorney Jennifer Tung Featured In California Real Property Journal

    Hunt Ortmann’s Jennifer Tung and Arcadis’s Christi Fu had their article, It’s Not Easy Being Green: California’s Journey Towards a More Sustainably-Built Environment, published in the latest issue of the California Lawyers Association’s Real Property Journal. Ms. Tung and Ms. Fu discuss some of the key moments in California’s push towards carbon neutrality and 100-percent renewable energy, the changes to California’s construction sector that have resulted, and the litigation that arose.

    Their article can be found on page 17 here.

    We at Hunt Ortmann want to thank Christi Fu and Bryan Payne of Arcadis, and the Real Property Law Section of the California Lawyers Association, for their collaboration.

    Jennifer Tung is an associate attorney at Hunt Ortmann, and focuses her practice on a broad array of matters, including breach of contract claims and construction defect litigation. Ms. Tung has represented a diverse client base including, owners, contractors, transportation companies, insurers, universities, and health care providers. If you would like additional information about the subject matter of this bulletin, please contact Ms. Tung at