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    AIA Contracts Crash Course: Understand The Key Provisions Before Signing The Contract

    Drafting & Negotiating AIA Contracts: Tools for Streamlined Construction Projects

    Tuesday, November 21

    AIA forms contain many complex contract provisions, making it difficult for effectively drafting and negotiating key terms. When you consider ConsensusDocs and IPD Agreements, the potential pitfalls substantially increase. Are you fully prepared to navigate the legal landmines and effectively mitigate risk for your construction projects? Join us for a 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:
    • Critical contract provisions in AIA documents & how to negotiate them
    • How to mitigate liability by properly using indemnity and risk allocation
    • Keys to drafting IPD contracts using AIA forms and ConsensusDOCs
    • Key differences between the ConsensusDocs and the AIA forms

    Program Benefits:
    This practical 60-minute webinar will provide strategies for effectively drafting and using AIA forms for your construction projects.

    Program Highlights:
    AIA Contracts: Key Drafting Provisions to Mitigate Risk
    • Key issues with termination by contractor, for cause, and for convenience
    • How to effectively apply Consequential and Liquidated Damages provisions
    • Indemnification essentials: How to properly use AIA forms to mitigate risk

    AIA vs. ConsensusDOCs: Solutions for the Most Common Critical Issues
    • Indemnification provisions: Key differences in clauses with each document
    • How and when to process Change Orders so you are protected

    AIAs in IPD Agreements: What You Can and Can’t Do
    • Key provisions in the AIA forms over the ConsensusDocs
    • Best practices for addressing contingencies in IPD agreements
    • What to look for when negotiating liability limitations

    Question and Answer Session – Have your AIA questions answered!

    John D. Darling, a Shareholder of Hunt Ortmann Palffy Nieves Darling and Mah, Inc., has dedicated the better part of two decades to growing a successful commercial litigation practice. He focuses on the resolution of construction and commercial real estate conflicts and on complex business litigation across numerous industry groups and business sectors nationwide.
    • Mr. Darling has represented large and small business entities, business owners and operators, construction companies and independent contractors and sub-contractors, financial institutions, real estate investors and their affiliates. He serves as lead counsel on every case and manages a talented and well-respected team of up-and-coming attorneys who tirelessly support his efforts.
    • Mr. Darling is a frequent speaker on a variety of legal construction issues, is often cited or interviewed for legal trades, and has also authored several articles including “Delay of Game” The Construction Lawyer Volume 26 Number 2, Spring 2006 and Los Angeles Lawyer, January 2005.