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Payment Remedy Lawyer

Mechanic’s Liens, Stop Payment Notices & Bond Claims

In these challenging economic times, where payment is often an issue on construction projects, the Los Angeles Payment Remedy Lawyers of Hunt Ortmann are adept in assisting clients in the preparation, filing and perfection of pre-liens, mechanic’s liens, and stop notices to secure your payment on construction projects.  And where payment and performance bonds – as well as other bonds, including license or subdivision map bonds – are available, Hunt Ortmann counsels our clients through the claims process  to ensure that they get paid to the fullest extent allowed by law.  Our skilled attorneys will also file suit on its clients’ mechanic’s liens and bond claims, efficiently present the payment issues at trial or arbitration, reduce the liens to judgment in a cost effective manner, and recover all reasonable statutory attorney’s fees and costs authorized by law.  We also assist clients to secure mechanic’s lien release bonds to ‘bond around’ those bonds which have been improperly filed.

Prompt Payment Claims

Like the construction industry itself, construction law is a highly technical and nuanced field.  The Prompt Payment Statutes are one of the areas where construction law has developed to better address the realities of working on a construction project.  Where construction cannot stop, but the money has, the Prompt Payment Statutes provide contractors and subcontractors a remedy.  Hunt Ortmann’s highly skilled lawyers have helped countless clients resolve claims for prompt payment.  Hunt Ortmann has vast experience in assisting clients in the calculation of the proper amounts related to work which is subject to a good faith dispute, determinations of correct payment dates, and applicable interest and penalties.   We also advise our clients during the project by assisting them negotiate progress payments and change orders, which allows them to mitigate damages, avoid waiver of legal rights, and avoid adverse consequences down the road.


California’s Licensing Laws are among the toughest in the country and have an enormous impact on payment disputes when there is a question of proper licensing.  Hunt Ortmann has defeated numerous claims for payment on projects by contractors and subcontractors who failed to secure and maintain the licenses required by the California State Contractors License Board.  We have also successfully represented contractors to ward off claims of improper licensure as a means to justify a party’s failure to pay all money due under a contract.  Understanding the complexities of the Licensing Laws is critical to anyone involved in a construction project.

If you need help with any payment remedy situations, contact the law offices of Hunt Ortmann today.

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