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    Legal Updates

    Legal Updates

    The Owner is Bankrupt? Record Your Mechanic’s Lien Anyway!

    By Dale Ortmann, Esq. It is a commonly held belief that if […]

    New Laws Affecting Public Works Construction: Are They Good For California?

    by Carlo Paciulli, Esq. In October 2011, Governor Brown signed into law […]

    Can A Public Agency Recover Attorney’s Fees Defending A Stop Notice Claim?

    By Dale Ortmann, Esq. In an opinion issued in March of this […]

    Attorney’s Fees- Bonded Stop Notices and Mechanic’s Liens

    Bonded Stop Notices Will Get You Attorney’s Fees on Private Work; Mechanic’s Liens […]

    You Can Never Serve Too Many Preliminary Notices

    by Larry Lubka, Esq. In a case published yesterday, Shady Tree Farms […]

    Preliminary Notice Form: Use It Or Lose It! (Your Mechanic’s Lien Rights, That Is)

    by Dale Ortmann, Esq.  Part 1 of a 6-part series on the […]