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    Emil B. Rogstad



    Emil Rogstad transitioned to an associate attorney at Hunt Ortmann after spending the last two years with the firm as a litigation paralegal. Mr. Rogstad previously worked as a construction litigation paralegal in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. He has reviewed, analyzed, and organized millions of documents for dozens of trials involving complex construction projects in both federal and state court. He was the lead paralegal on a multi-million dollar claim before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals while also completing his law degree in a program designed for working professionals. 

    Mr. Rogstad has experience solving issues related to civil discovery, preparing evidence for witness examinations and trial presentation, and has worked for owners, contractors, and insurance companies. Recently, he was the lead paralegal for Hunt Ortmann during a victorious jury trial pursuing a general contractor’s claims for the defective work of a subcontractor on a public works project in California. 

    Mr. Rogstad is a member of the California Bar, and his practice focuses on construction litigation.