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    A Message from Hunt Ortmann to our Community

    To: Hunt Ortmann Client and Friends,

    The health and prosperity of everyone in our communities is a priority for Hunt Ortmann. With COVID-19 upon us, we have instructed our employees to work from home and communicate with our clients and others in our business community electronically or by phone.

    During this temporary arrangement, client service remains to be of the utmost importance. We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities to you, our clients, and remain open for business notwithstanding the logistical changes we have made.

    Employers in all industries are grappling with how to deal with the various implications of COVID-19 on their businesses and workforce, and many things feel uncertain. We feel it is important to share what we are doing to provide continuity in our services while protecting the health and safety of the Hunt Ortmann team:

    • The legal work we are performing for you will continue without disruption.
    • We are regularly checking our general message center and individual voice mailboxes for messages. Many of you have the personal mobile phone number of your primary contact. Do not hesitate to use them.
    • While some courts have implemented operational changes, we are actively monitoring and will keep you informed if there are any changes to timelines on your matter.
    • All of our attorneys and staff are communicating regularly via email, phone, and video conferencing on pending matters.
    • Our office is in communication with several government resources and officials, and with each other, in order to remain current on legislative changes and executive orders that impact our clients, and we are committed to informing you of changes pertinent to your business.
    • We are immediately available to provide consultation on how the continual changes in law impact your policies and procedures regarding employee and worker safety and how this impacts construction and business operations.

    Above all, we hope that you will stay healthy. This is an unprecedented situation for all of us and we value your understanding and partnership. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to your regular Hunt Ortmann contact(s) if you have any questions.

    On behalf of the entire Hunt Ortmann team we wish you, your families and your teams much good health.

    Dale Ortmann – President


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    Dale A. Ortmann